Our Core Services




• Renewable energy mix scenario to alleviate the energy, poverty and social imbalances crisis using Biogas Technology system design to meet the end user’s perceived needs, installation, training, and maintenance.
• Organic waste management and disposal, the Biogas technology provides a tool for waste management and disposal at all levels of human settlement and generate biomethane energy for cooking, heating, lighting, and electricity generation.


• Land use systems and environmental protection, the animal population risk to affect land use system in terms of overgrazing and communal rangelands are complex systems that require specific range management intervention which need the full participation of community at every level of decision making. The organised grazing system will provide more space for animal feeding and the animal waste manure will be used as the feedstock in the Biogas digester to generate energy.
• Forest cover protection and environmental rehabilitation, the problem with collecting firewood as forests in the neighbour ing areas have been cut down so the women spent more valuable productive time in search of firewood and the elderly community members buy the firewood from wood poachers. The biogas technology provides a lasting solution to the above problem by providing alternative energy for cooking, heating, lighting and electricity generation.


• Provision of Accessible and Affordable source of energy, the ever-increasing price of electricity was prohibitive to its user and 60% of south African rural household have no access to electricity while these connected are considered energy poor spending making investors to lose interest in expanding the grid network to poor communities. Biogas technology provide a solution in form of cheap affordable and accessible energy generated from waste at household level.

• The biogas technology is an asset in running the service delivery in form of green village. The use of biogas energy for personal household and community at large is good for health and prepares food faster, saving time and money spent on any other source of energy which could be utilized on other household chores. The slurry or digestate produced from digester is used as organic manure and provide a saving on fertilizer costs. Therefore, Biogas Technology can contribute towards the energy needs of rural people as well as the potential to aid in food security, employment creation, and household income generation as a cottage industry platform for the rural and low income people.