The energy supply crisis is a reality. In an attempt to reduce the deficit the only way to solve it, is to adopt a multifaceted approaches of energy generation by means of renewable energy such as Biogas technology. Animal waste, agriculture residues, municipal sewer etc… are digested with the help of anaerobic enzymes. The process is called methanogenesis to produce methane gas (CH4) for cooking, lighting, heating and for electrical power generation.

Vulicel (Pvt) Ltd trading as Moto Maluti Resources, founded in 1992, concentrates on the construction of innovative and sustainable biogas plants for biomass and wastes with low operating costs, maximum gas output, outstanding operating safety, and low methane emissions during regular operation. Developing sustainable projects in the waste, water and bioenergy nexus is a major undertaking. It’s crucial for the project to be handled by skilled, experienced
and dedicated personnel to guide the project from conception to completion thereby reducing the risk to the parties.

Our playing field is Africa and as such we operate in unique circumstances with diverse demands that render solutions developed for markets inoperable and hence the job at hand is much more than transplanting technology. Our approach is to look for the conditions to ensure success, the enabling factors, and these should provide sufficient support to meet the project sponsors needs in a sustainable manner. We refer to this as the SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE, a major differentiating point between ourselves and technology vendors. We go for targeted communities.

Our Vision:
To deliver a quality clean energy product, to efficiently and effectively meet the ever changing requirements of the field for post remarkable results for our clients. To provide adequate, accessible, and affordable energy to developing communities through a mix of providing alternative energy resources at a reasonable cost.

Our Mission Statement:
1. To mainstream biogas solutions in the private sector, municipalities, rural areas and other low income human settlement.
2. To produce and market the multiple social and environmental benefits of biogas as a renewable energy resource options.

Our Aim:
To satisfy the basic needs of the developing sector and at the same time promote the effective utilisation of Africa's vast alternative energy sources.